Bachelor of Technology

Bachelor of Technology which is popularly known as B.Tech is one of the most demanding and popular engineering course which a high number of students choose after completing their Senior Secondary (10+2) in science stream. It generally takes 4 years in countries while in some other countries like Nigeria; it takes 5 years.



Generally, B.Tech is an engineering course where Computer Engineering is considered as one of the most popular and useful ones. The subject structure of this course is as follows.

In the 1st and 2nd semester, almost every engineering branch has to learn the same kind of subject. From 3rd semester, the subjects get different after looking over the branch of engineering.


Subjects for 1st & 2nd semester

  • Mathematics
  • Engineering Physics
  • Engineering Chemistry
  • Basic Electrical Engineering
  • Soft Skills
  • Basic Civil Engineering
  • Communication Skills
  • Graphics
  • Computational Skills

Subjects for 3th semester

  • Computer Network
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • System Software and Administration
  • Object Technology and UML

Subjects for 4th semester

  • Formal Language and Automata Theory
  • Operation Research and Optimization Techniques
  • Principles of Communication Engineering
  • Mathematics
  • Advanced Computer Architecture

Subjects for 5th semester

  • Operating System
  • Database Management System
  • Microprocessor and Micro controllers
  • Design and Analysis of Algorithm
  • Control System

Subjects for 6th semester

  • Computer Network
  • Computer Graphics and Multimedia
  • Software Engineering
  • Object Technology and UML
  • System Software and Administration

Subjects for 7th semester

  • Language Processor
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Financial Management and Accounts
  • Visual Programming and Web Technology
  • Elective 1

Subjects for 8th-semester

  • Industrial Management
  • Values and Ethics in the Profession
  • Elective 2
  • Elective 3

The above are the subjects whom you are going to encounter in your course; still, the subjects may vary depending upon the Universities.


What is a Bachelor of Technology or B.Tech?

Tech which stands for Bachelor of Technology is an undergraduate course generally pursued by science students after the completion of their Senior Secondary (10+2). This engineering course is one of the most popular and demanding courses offered by colleges like IIT and NIT’s of India. In some colleges, it is also termed as B.E standing for Bachelor of Engineering.


Eligibility criteria for B.Tech

The following are the criteria for the students to take the B.Tech course.

  • Students must clear their Senior Secondary (10+2) from a science stream
  • Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry must be a compulsory subject 
  • Students have to sit for entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, and  AP EMCET, after which they are shortlisted for further admission process

Following are the criteria which the students have to fulfill so that they can take the B.Tech course.


Specialization in Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)

Engineering is one of the top priority courses, hence it got several branches. The branches are divided looking over the interest and the technology. Here is the list of the branches of engineering.


Subjects of B.Tech in Popular Specialization

  • Chemical Engineering: – Bio-molecular Engineering, Material Engineering, Molecular Engineering, Corrosion Engineering, and Process Engineering
  • Civil Engineering: – Geo technical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Water Resource Engineering, Transport Engineering, and Structural Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering: – Manufacturing Engineering, Acoustical Engineering, Energy Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, Vehicle Engineering, Sports Engineering, and Thermal Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering: – Optical Engineering, Power Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Computer Engineering


Some other specializations of engineering are as follows :-

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Applied Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Textile Engineering
  • Systems Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Project Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Military Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Railway Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Energy Engineering

These are just a few of the popular specialization in India from a huge number of lists. 


Bachelor of Technology distance learning

For those students who are not able to do their B.Tech from a regular mode, can now opt for distance learning. Here are the top 20 universities which provide B.Tech course from distance learning.

  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Sikkim Manipal University
  • IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute
  • University of Mumbai
  • Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University
  • Annamalai University
  • Netaji Subhas Open University
  • Osmania University
  • Shivaji University
  • MP Bhoj Open University
  • University of Delhi
  • Maharishi Dayanand University
  • Acharya Nagarjuna University
  • Alagappa University
  • Andhra University
  • University of Madras
  • Himachal Pradesh University
  • Tamil Nadu Open University
  • Kurukshetra University
  • University of Calicut


Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) one-year graduation

Those students who have discontinued their studies after (10+2) can now complete their graduation in a single year. Also, those who have left the college in 1st or 2nd year can get their bachelor degree in a single year. With the help of the Credit Transfer Scheme, you can get complete your degree in a single year.


Eligibility for one-year degree

A student who wants to complete their graduation in a single year has to fulfill the following criteria.

  • S(he) has to complete the Senior Secondary (10+2) from a recognized board
  • The candidate must have completed the Senior Secondary from a science stream
  • A student must have left the college in their 1st or 2nd year.


Area of Specialization in one-year degree

Following are some of the area of specialization which they can choose for their one-year degree.

  • B.Tech in Civil Engineering
  • B.Tech in Computer Science
  • B.Tech in Agricultural Engineering
  • B.Tech in Physics Engineering

These are some of the few popular specializations, students generally opt for.


Advantages of one-year degree

Once a student completes a one-year graduation, they are eligible for various public and private sector jobs. Students can also complete their post-graduation in a single year. Those who have completed their one-year graduation are working in top companies like Google, Wipro, Microsoft, Dell, HCL, and Videocon.


Career opportunities after Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)

You must be wondering, once you complete your B.Tech then what next. Well, once you complete your B.Tech you can go for further studies like M.Tech or MBA. If you are willing to do a job, then below is the list of the jobs you can work on. 

  • IT Industries
  • Management
  • Journalism
  • Hardware Industries 
  • Software Industries


Top Universities for Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)

Following are some of the top engineering universities.

  • Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Madras
  • College of Engineering, Pune
  • Dr. BR Ambedkar National Institute of Technology
  • Indian Institute of Technology, Patna
  • Jadavpur University, Kolkata
  • Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh
  • Amity School of Engineering, Noida
  • Anna University, Chennai
  • Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar

These are just some of the few names of top-ranked Universities of India.



Tech is one of the most prestigious degrees not only in India but also all over the world. Make sure you are doing your B.Tech from top-ranked college so that you get placements from top companies. Before getting into the technology field make sure you are prepared to invest your time and focus on the subjects. For any queries, you can freely talk with us.

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